Today, with a style that is radiant and romantic, I tell stories of connection and triumph. Of tenderness and excitement. And no matter what story you're hoping to tell, I’d sure love to be the one to tell it! When I’m not kicking it with clients, you can probably catch me teaching a dance class at the studio I grew up attending, finishing up my college degree, binging a Netflix crime doc, or rewatching Bridesmaids for the millionth time!

Whether I’m wearing my cozy wedding day Rothy’s or I’m just barefoot in the sand, I spend my days chasing sincere moments of joy. I believe the most beautiful photos are the ones that burst with light, are flooded with color, and seem like the people in them forgot the photographer was even there. And the only thing I love more than watching a couple in love earnestly interact in front of my lens is the opportunity to deliver a gallery early!

Kick off your sandals, and refill your latte.


Meet Marina!

If you’re hoping to book me for your wedding day, there’s a confession I should go ahead and make now. I’m a notorious first-look crier! Don’t worry; I’ll still capture the tender moments between your husband-to-be or your dad. I might just have to brush away tears first. No matter how many weddings I photograph, something about the magic of a first look gets me every time!


You’ve captured moments like these a million times on your phone, but imagine having professional, high-quality photos of your little ones playing together? These photos are always parents’ favorites, and they are some of my favorites to capture, too! Those bubbly, giggly, unguarded moments of playfulness and joy are such a gift to capture. And I’ll probably end up laughing along with them!


I know, I’s an obvious choice. But it’s a classic wedding photography moment for a reason! When the music swells and the radiant bride starts walking down the aisle, my breath always catches in my chest. And the awe and love on the groom’s face when he sees his beautiful bride is something I’ll never get tired of photographing. 


This one is a bit more behind the scenes than most. I love getting creative with branding clients as we create a unique vision for their session. But my favorite part of the process is when we sit down together to go over their branding questionnaire and dive more deeply into the story behind their business. Without fail, at some point everything just clicks, the creative juices start flowing, and we know we are about to create something magical!


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that stepping in front of a camera can be a little (or more than a little) nerve-wracking. But whether we are photographing your wedding day or your brand photos, your family session or a dance shoot, I love the sigh of relief that comes at the end when my clients realize that they totally nailed it. And they can’t wait to do it again!







Let's Get Personal


My Favorite Moments

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I want to do so much more than drift in and out of random strangers’ lives, telling small, disjointed pieces of their stories. I want to walk beside you through the milestones of life, documenting each one as it comes. And by collaborating with you to discover your unique vision, we can effortlessly put your story to film in a way that feels true to you. Because I believe a photographer you truly know and trust can help you create galleries you’ve always dreamed of but never imagined could be yours. Together, let’s craft a custom photography experience you can return to over and over again like your favorite pair of fuzzy slippers as we tell your life story through photos. 

So, what do you say? Want to learn more? 

I believe your story is one that deserves to be told. Fully.
It’s as simple -- and as beautiful -- as that.

My Philosophy