Whether you are celebrating your wedding, engagement, or any other special moment in your life, I'd love to be there to capture this memory!

Whether you are a new mama, a blessed family or a devoted couple, let's capture love, light, laughter, and memories, my friend!  


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My name is Marina Roman and I am the girl behind the camera. I am a lover of the arts and an absolute coffee enthusiast. I grew up dancing for 18+ years so posing is second nature for me and having fun is the best way to get through the “awkwardness” because let’s be real, who can “pretend giggle” and not feel awkward! My clients know that when I guide them through posing, even though it may feel awkward, it’ll always look GREAT. You can leave it up to me to make sure you always look and feel your absolute BEST and NOTHING less!

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your Favorite coffee lovin',
Memory Documenter


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